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Way back before Emily and I began making botanical goodies, we talked about writing a blog. It was something we'd fantasize aloud about to distract ourselves while pounding out miles on various backpacking trips. The blog would be a place for us to share trips, tips, recipes and ultimately maintain a shared space to remember all the amazing memories in the making! Making body care products for you all was also a part of those mile long conversations and here we are! We're really doing it!

As excited as we are to be sharing our goods with you, we're longing for a deeper connection with the Wily Coyote community. It's important to us that our relationship with you isn't merely transactional, so welcome to WCB Lifestyle! We'll talk about our products, what's in them and why we think they're amazing while also sharing information that's possibly unrelated to body care products, but so vital for the wellbeing our mind, body and soul. See you soon, friends!


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